Rat versus human

Like any reasonable person I was gobsmacked to hear of death threats against climate scientists. We hear stories of persecution of scientists during the middle ages and feel smug thinking this would never happen now.

It would be interesting and probably most disturbing to speak with someone who genuinely believes a person must die because they have found proof that the planet is warming. Hardly a hanging offence I would have thought.

I have had this happen to me in a very minor way. I have tweeted articles about the growth of renewable energy and had angry snarling responses which were totally out of proportion. You would have thought I was proposing fueling power stations by having small children operate treadmills from the responses I have received.

This made me question why  these attack dogs are so anti development, so anti science – against non polluting technology and the development of a resource which won’t run out in the near future.  Why would you not plan for the future and the day when fossil fuels are not available well before that happens? What I realised is they aren’t – what they are is anti progress – so partisan that they can’t see straight.

To call these people attack dogs is very apt – they have simple responses to key triggers. They are self programmed to respond to any initiatives by progressives negatively without examining the issues.  The coal and petrol companies are really doing an excellent job getting these people to work for them for free.

Now I do realise it takes an exceptional person to look at issues dispassionately. I can’t do it but I am reasonable enough to at least make an attempt to question my automatic responses.  I like to behave as a logical human being and not like a cornered rat acting on instinct alone.

I would really like to think we have moved on a bit from the middle ages – just a little.



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