Letter to my 15 year old self

A tweet appeared a few days asking us to write a letter to our 15 year old selves – I realised my letter would be much longer than 140 characters so here it is.

Dear Deborah,

Have faith in yourself. You don’t have any adults around you who can help you with your misery but some of your friends are lovely and much more mature and understanding than you realise.

You feel as if you are confused and understand nothing and other people have life all worked out – they don’t, they are just as confused and scared as you.

Also don’t be so afraid of people, you are the match of any of them. If anyone tries to push you around they won’t get very far and you will end up being the person others turn to for strength.

Don’t ever try to be what you aren’t, it will appear phoney and it won’t work – there is no big flaw in your character so just be yourself.

You have a good instinct for not joining the crowd, this will be a good thing.

Don’t feel bad about feeling a bit of an outsider, there are a lot of outsiders and you will find them.

Don’t listen to anyone’s voice but your own. It’s very rare for anyone to not have their own agenda and they certainly don’t know you any better than you do.

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you’re unlikeable it’s just not true. They are just doing this to build up their own egos.

Don’t attack anyone who shows signs of loving you, they aren’t deluded they are good people and you deserve that love. You have a good heart and are not a bad person.

Have confidence, it’s not unwarranted and there is nothing wrong in believing in yourself. Others do not know better.

Don’t put up with the second rate, there is no need. You can achieve the best in life.

Don’t feel inferior. People will try to take advantage of you luckily your natural distrust will protect you.

Relax and learn to like yourself. This will make you a much more pleasant person to be around.

Don’t worry what others are thinking of you – chances are they aren’t thinking about you at all. And if they do disapprove of you – so what? Is their opinion so very valuable?

You’ll be ok – you will find a very nice life one day

all the best

Love Deborah

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