because bicycles are people too

An idiot’s guide to cyclists rights.

1. Car registration goes toward building roads so anyone not in a car has no right to use them. Car registration fees pay for the cost of collecting car registration fees. Roads are built and maintained by taxes.

2. Registration allows cars to drive on the road, bikes don’t so they shouldn’t be on the road. Wrong, registration allows you to drive a machine on the road, bicycles having no engine, are entitled to use the road for free.

3. Bicycles hold up traffic. Well if people stopped riding those annoying bikes how would they travel instead? There would be more people on public transport and also many more cars on the road –  that would tend to cause an awful lot of slow travel times.

4. Bicycles slow car journey. How hard is it to safely pass a bike – I’ll tell because I also own and drive a car – the answer is not very. Anyway unless you are driving an ambulance or fire engine it is doubtful that speed is really an issue here.

5. Cyclists need to be licenced so we can make them obey the rules – oh yeah because all those car drivers always stick to the rules don’t they?

6. Roads are made for cars so bikes shouldn’t be on them. No  roads are made for horses actually it’s just there tend to be more cars than horse drawn carts these days. Freeways often don’t allow bike riders – but freeways were invented by the Nazis.

7. Bicycles are children”s toys and grown-ups should be in cars. Bicycles were designed for adults to travel on as a cheap and efficient means of  transportation for the masses.

8. Cyclists break rules. Yes some do – most don’t. Car drivers break rules too, maybe we should make all car drivers get off the road.

9. Cyclists think they own the road. No they have just have a perfect right to use and share it.

Yes indeed lets clog up the roads with cars- let’s compare Amsterdam with Bangkok which one would you prefer to travel in?


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