Fear and Loathing in Suburbia

I was watching a show on Martin Luther King’s killer recently. Apparently the killer was a poor white from the South of the US. As a member of one of the lowest rung his place in society was being eroded by black rights, as once this was one of the few groups he was considered to be above.

This does very much explain the situation in Australia at the moment with the very vocal objection to us having a female PM.

I have been in conversation over the internet with individuals who have advised they don’t believe she should be PM as she isn’t “one of us”. That she isn’t mainstream, not part of the majority. I think this is very telling. These people don’t consider a woman to be one of us.

This puzzled me as I have never before heard that to all things to all people was a requirement. The arguments that because she doesn’t have children is another way to attack her and I really struggle to believe that would be used against a male PM. These people just don’t believe a woman should have authority over them, as it is eroding their place in society.

Guess what guys you’ve lost it anyway.

One man tried to tell me that I should not use Abbott’s attitude against woman should not be an issue as this did not matter to everyone. Apart from the fact that I don’t think there is one concern  that all people share, I did consider this moronic.


And the childless de facto aspect – I can’t believe this is important in 21st Century Australia are we really that backward? I think not. In my 22 years of de facto relationship I have not had anyone react to it. Nor my childlessness in anything other than a mildly interested fashion. It is a smokescreen. Julia Gillard is not part of the mainstream because most people in positions of authority are men. Ergo she has stepped out of line. Just like if she was black, gay, disabled, or from a non Christian background.

It’s fear and a feeling of lack of control that causing this venom. The attacks are getting more and more shrill. I  smell desperation. In a way I feel that this fear is a good thing, as it is a sign that they a real threat that we have an equal position and it’s irreversible. I know a lot of the younger generation of women feel feminism is passe but I don’t believe they would stand a minute for the old patriarchal situation. They feel they have power so don’t feel threatened as they have never known any other way. But if someone tried to take it away from them they’d be pretty outraged.


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