Hook, Line and Sinker

The asylum seeker debate has reached a new low – something I would have said was impossible after John Howard and his disgusting contempt for (non-white, non-Australian) life. However the ALP have done it  and it’s called The Malaysia Solution .

800 asylum seekers who had tried to arrive in Australia (by boat only, as somehow plane arrivals don’t count) were to be sent to Malaysia and in return 4000 refugees in Malaysia were to be settled in Australia.

On the face of it an extra 4000 arrivals seemed generous however this was just a cynical attempt to shut up us “bleeding heart lefty ” types by making us believe more refugees will be settled here. However the 4,000 were to be spread out at the rate of 1,000 for 4 years – which is not particularly generous at all, especially if we are discarding 800 asylum seekers who historically are likely to be genuine.  Once this 800/4000 had been reached that was the end of the deal because of course by then the magic would have worked and we would have STOPPED THE BOATS and no further action would be necessary. Of course it may have also magically worked to stop all the wars by then too.

And, most wonderfully, there is now a new nonsense argument that anyone that does not support the Malaysia Solution can now be accused of not caring about refugees risking their lives in dangerous boat trips. Of course Julia Gillard keeps pressing this point – many times in the same sentence where she speaks of border protection. Border protection? For fuck sake it’s a boat of refugees, we are not under attack here from an invading army.

Gosh – if only we had a precedent here of  refugees arriving by boat and being processed outside of detention centres and in Australia then allowed to settle in Australia without the breakdown of society. What you say? This did happen in the 70’s? – gosh maybe we could learn from this.  – Nah that will never happen.

There is no flood of refugees arriving in Australia – there is a trickle  – the trickle that occurs when you are just to the North of Antartica and the majority of the trouble spots that people are fleeing are in the Northern Hemisphere. I’m not going to bore you with facts, figures or pie charts showing the very very small number of refugees arriving in Australia by boat uninvited  – but in laymans terms it is known as  bugger all. This is a consequence of us being at the arse end of the world.

There was a recent case of an asylum seeker ship trying to land in New Zealand, I have no doubt there is some idiot in NZ now claiming they are being flooded with refugees.

Sorry guys I don’t believe we have a huge refugee problem and even if we did this is not a humane sensible solution. Unless humane and sensible means high cost/low effect pandering to the racists who want to keep the brown people out of Australia.

That is all.



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