Thanks Mum

My mother, whilst not being a worldly or educated woman, gave me some astoundingly good advice growing up.

For instance, her two daughters were taught to make sure a house was always in both names not just the husband’s.

I have a friend her bought a house with money she had saved and put it in her husband’s name. She said she didn’t want him to feel left out. I could have slapped her for her stupidity.

He is not a bad man and has been very supportive of her whilst she has been going through a very difficult mental illness, but when she tried to separate a few years ago she found herself technically homeless.

Her friends did support her and give her a temporary home but she decided in the end it was easier to go back to him.

I like to think I would have been smart enough understand the importance of economic security for myself without my mum’s advice but I still am extremely grateful to her for this.

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