Today will be sunny, cloudy, cold, hot, windy, dry and raining

In Flash Gordon, the great camp sci-fi classic from the 1970’s, there is a scene where the evil Ming the Merciless has a machine which controls the weather.

Living in Melbourne I sometimes wonder whether Ming may be out there after all pressing buttons to send storms, heat waves and strong winds our way for his own amusement.

Having spent all my life within a 4okm radius of this great metropolis I still find the weather amazing. We can quite often have four seasons and three climate zones in the course of one day.

The first time I visited Queensland I realised what was missing after about 3 days – the weather. Sure there was sunshine but I honestly found the sameness of the weather disappointing. No storms or cool changes after a day of crushing heat. Just day after day of mid 20 degree days – boring. Honestly I didn’t like it one bit.

I remember one New Years eve a few years ago in Melbourne where we had a very, very hot day followed by a cool change around midnight and then inexplicably the heat rose again at around 2am.

I’ve travelled a fair bit and no weather I’ve experienced has come as a shock to me as I have had it all in Melbourne. Sure Moscow was cold but it really didn’t seem that much colder than Melbourne. We even had days last summer that were humid and tropical – and believe me Melbourne and tropical are not words you often hear in the same sentence.

It’s normally dry but I’ve had to wade through 80cms of water to get into my house once after heavy rains.

So here’s to you Melbourne weather I may bitch about you sometimes – but you never bore me.


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