Food glorious food

Recently one of the sweetest people I know posted a revolting meme on Facebook. 

How revolting you ask?  – Well it contained both the Australian flag and the words “fuck off”.

It was a rant about Halal food. (of course)

The full sentence was – “Fit in or fuck off”. This annoyed me in so very many ways.

I felt my usual disgust about the hysteria over Halal food. Halal vegemite is not destroying anyone’s way of life FFS.

It also annoyed me with its assertion that we must all conform to one way of being. What a boring place that would be.

I pointed out to her  that as a vegetarian with coeliac disease I was by these standards one of those people who should indeed fuck off.

Being the lovely person she is; she took the post down immediately, it really was very much out of character. I can only think she had some sort of brain snap.

Then a few days later a lunch was organised at my work which caused a great deal of angst and rending of garments due to the vast amount of food restrictions involved.

There were the vegetarians and gluten intolerant diners (mea culpa), the nut allergies, the dairy allergies, the nightshade allergies, the seafood allergies and someone who adhered to something called fodmap.

There were an awful lot of negotiations and offers arranged and I think the chef was probably doubting his career choice by then.

None of this however was particularly surprising to the people involved. Eating restrictions are pretty standard and well known now.

So really Halal is Australia in 2016 is actually fitting in wonderfully and no one needs to fuck off at all.




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