press 1 for total panic

My mother does not handle the unexpected very well… to tell the truth even the expected throws her a little.

One time in a bit of a panic she managed to lock herself IN her car- no, I’m not sure how that’s possible either.

Recently she went interstate on a bus trip and I arranged to pick up her cat and mind her at my house whilst mum was away.

When she did not hear from me to confirm that all was well she panicked a little and did what any normal person would do in the situation and rang up the cat.

Yep she called her own empty house to see if her cat was still there – no, I’m not sure how that one works either.

Because she was calling interstate she had to first dial the area code but she got  a little confused as to how that worked.

As she was in NSW and their area code is 02 she  dialled this number first even though she was calling Victoria which has an area code of 03.

She assured me this was correct, I started to argue but then decided that I will let the cat explain it to her sometime.

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