Great Mysteries

Things I just don’t get

1. People driving to the gym – surely you are going to lose weight/get fit so why are you driving there?

2. Working class people voting for the coalition – wealth does not transfer by osmosis. You won’t get rich by adopting the voting patterns of the wealthy – the¬†traditional means is to have rich parents – just ask Gina Rinehart and¬†James Packer.

3. Car drivers who complain about bike riders getting disproportionate use of the road because the council has added extra white lines and a picture of a bike.

4. Believing in the zodiac – recently a work colleague complained that a guy she is dating is perfect except for his star sign – this has so many levels of crazy I can’t even begin.

5. Driving a 4 wheel drive in the city and suburbs – the roads just aren’t that rough people.

Also Small fluffy dogs, car worship, sport, worship of sportsmen (and they always are men), reality TV esp the cooking ones.

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